8 Habits To Recognize Hidden Depression

What is depression?

Depression is a major depressive disorder. It is a common but serious mood disorder. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. Individuals who are affected will usually feel grief more intensely. They would handle sadness and pain much more difficult.

How many are affected?

According to statistics provided by the National Institute of Mental Health about 6.7% of the population in the United States suffer from depression. These are nearly 15 million people. But this isn’t the real number which is actually bigger. The reason is that many people are not aware they are affected. Or they just don’t seek treatment.

Can we diagnose depression?

This disorder involves complex symptoms. They might be physiological or psychological. Of course, we cannot decide alone whether we suffer from depression. This is to be confirmed officially only by a specialist.

Depressed people’s habits

Those who suffer from hidden depression still lead normal live. They perform daily activities. A depressed person would still work or study. But they behave differently. They build habits typical only of their condition. You can read which are the most common below:

1. Lack social life

– Depressed people often feel sad. They usually aren’t in a mood for meeting friends or attending social events. They only do what is mandatory. Just go work or to school, for example.

2. Hardly ever feel happy

– Depressed people feel and respond to positive emotions less intensely. They are upset most of the time. Don’t expect a depressed person to burst in tears of joy. Even if their favorite team wins an important game.

3. Change eating habits

– Sometimes a person who had ravenous appetite just stopped eating. Or they changed food tastes. Well, this might be a sign they are suffering from depression.

4. Sleep less or more than before

– Change of sleeping habits is a depression symptom. However, not all the time. There is another evidence of depression related to this. No matter how much sleep one gets, they still feel exhausted.

5. Get stressed easily

– People who suffer from depression are irritated very easily. They might also get very angry or upset due to an absolutely insignificant event.

6. Undervalue themselves

– Depressed individuals always put themselves down and underestimate their personal qualities. If you notice such behavior in someone, they are probably suffering from depression.

7. See the world in its darkest colors

– Depressed people look at the world negatively. They are pessimistic about almost everything in their lives. Including work, love and even success.

8. Have difficulty concentrating

– They suffer inability to put their attention on a task. This is another symptom of depression. Because of this problem, people they make mistakes they would have never made if they were healthy.

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