Magnificent Rare Iridescent Clouds Captured In Siberia’s Mountains

If you are an admirer of our beautiful universe, then you would love this unique spectacle captured on a Siberian mountain.

Photographer Svetlana Kazina was fortunate enough to catch this rare phenomenon on camera.

“The clouds in my photos are so thin that they look more like lace,” Svetlana says.

Image credit: Svetlana Kazina

Svetlana, who resides in the Altai Mountains, captured these awe-inspiring images of the shining sky over Siberia’s highest peak on Belukha mountain (4506m/14783ft).

Image credit: Svetlana Kazina

The pictures show magical clouds reminiscent of soap bubbles in their various colors.

Cloud iridescence or irisation is a rainbowy optical wonder that occurs inside a cloud and aligns with the general proximity of the Moon or Sun. It can be referred to as a kind of photometeor.

Posted by Госиндекс on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sometimes a rainbow-looking cloud may appear. They are very rare, but some people have seen them, and sometimes they are fortunate enough to capture them on camera. They are the result of incredibly small ice crystals or water drops in the air, which, in turn, cause the light to spread out.

‘I pictured this beauty over Siberia’s highest peak, Belukha, early in the morning’, said Svetlana. ‘The wind at this height was so strong that the cloud ‘lace’ changed every second.’

Image credit: Svetlana Kazina

Siberia’s Altai Mountains are home to some of Russia’s most breathtaking scenery, a true marvel for travelers who wish to run away from modern society.

Image credit: Svetlana Kazina

The mountains were formed in the midst of the great orogenic up hurts that happened between 500 and 300 million years ago and were falling apart, over geological time, into a plateau with summit heights.

Image credit: Svetlana Kazina

One can only imagine how it feels to be there, and to witness these majestic sights in person. The photographs are fantastic, but seeing it all with your own eyes must be heaven.

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