20 Surprisingly Brilliant Quotes From Famous Comedians

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Comedians are a joy in our lives. They make us laugh at the world around us, and ourselves, and help us to take things less seriously.

When we want to share a good time with our friends, when we want to take our mind off something, when we want to decompress- comedians are there to lighten the load. And we all have our favourites as well. Personally, one of the reasons I am so fond of comedians is because of their intelligence. Besides making us giggle, they come up with some pretty deep thoughts.

Here are 20 surprisingly brilliant quotes from some of the world’s funniest people.

“When you’re not concerned with succeeding, you can work with complete freedom.” -Larry David
“If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.”George Carlin
“There is no such thing as death; life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”Bill Hicks
“They say it all started out with a big bang. But, what I wonder is, was it a big bang or did it just seem big because there wasn’t anything else drown it out at the time?” -Karl Pilkington
“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” -Lucille Ball
“The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching.” -Dave Chappelle
“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”Robin Williams
“Somewhere there’s a score being kept, so you have an obligation to live life as well as you can, be as engaged as you can.” -Bill Murray
“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” -Phyllis Diller
“In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.” -Sid Caesar
“Meditation state is a place of deep relaxation where you can pinpoint the things you do and to set a paradigm switch from effect to cause. So how to be a cause in your own life.” -Roseanne Barr
“I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless; it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘I’m bored.” -Louie C.K.
“It’s difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you.” -Russell Brand
“We’re constantly re-evaluating the potential for life. We’re finding it where we didn’t think it could exist, such as volcanic vents and other extreme conditions like under arctic ice. We’re finding life in these incredibly harsh and dynamic conditions, so we’re having to re-evaluate our own ideas of what’s possible on this planet alone.” -Joe Rogan
“Try to keep your mind open to possibilities and your mouth closed on matters that you don’t know about. Limit your ‘always’ and your ‘nevers.'” -Amy Pohler
“Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.”Jim Carrey
“My main hope for myself is to be where I am.” -Woody Harrelson
“There’s always going to be someone out there… who doesn’t believe in you or who thinks your head is too big or you’re not smart enough. But those are the people you need to ignore, and those are the times you need to just keep doing what you love doing.” -Jimmy Fallon
“If we’re destroying our trees and destroying our environment and hurting animals and hurting one another and all that stuff, there’s got to be a very powerful energy to fight that. I think we need more love in the world. We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” Ellen DeGeneres
“Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy in what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, you’ll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined.” -Johnny Carson
Written by Raven Fon

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