QUARANTINE ANXIETY: 5 essential tips that will help you cope with it

Are you trying your best to cope with anxiety during the quarantine?

Have you noticed unpleasant changes in your mental health after limiting your social contacts? Well, you are definitely not alone.

This year’s apocalyptic nature has turned many of us into helpless, emotionally damaged beings. The massive changes we are currently going through are continuously affecting both our daily routines and our mindsets. For those who have been dealing with mental issues before the worldwide social isolation, the struggle has become even worse. Others who have no experience with coping with such troubles feel lost and confused, not knowing what to do to stop their demons from taking over.

While a large number of people claim they are thriving on their own and the isolation does wonders for their personal growth, for others, it feels like a neverending downhill. The seclusion has brought out the worst in them. It has triggered feelings of uncontrollable anxiety they have never experienced before.

Luckily, there are ways we can trick our demons and let them know we are in control of our own minds.

If you have been finding it difficult to cope with anxiety while quarantining, here are 5 tips that might help.

1. Embrace proactivity.

Being proactive doesn’t necessarily mean doing a dozen things at a time. It means doing things that help you boost your productivity levels while also giving you a sense of fulfillment. For instance, you can try engaging in a new hobby and challenge your creative side. Why not doing the home tasks you’ve been avoiding for a while now? If your anxiousness makes you think of all the things you can’t control, trick it by focusing on the things you can.

2. Practice gratitude.

Don’t skip this point. You probably think that fostering gratitude is a waste of time and wouldn’t get you anywhere, but this couldn’t be far from the truth. Spending time expressing your gratefulness for the things you cherish in life is the greatest investment you can make for cleansing your headspace.

3. Count your blessings.

Unfortunately, these days all we hear of is negative news surrounding the harrowing pandemic. Feeling down while under such pressure is completely normal. However, you can fight the negativity flow by trying to look on the bright side and counting your blessings. This will lift your spirits up and help you find reasons to smile.

4. Acknowledge yourself.

You are a human being. You do have flaws. But you also have many admirable qualities. Your kindness knows no limits. Your giving nature inspires the ones who care deeply for you. There are so many things you can celebrate yourself for. So, go ahead and celebrate! Give yourself some credit and shift your focus to the things that make you the amazing person you are.

5. Stop complaining.

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to hold everything in. However, channeling the toxicity you have been struggling with into constantly complaining and burdening others with your troubles only makes things worse. It concentrates your thoughts on the unpleasant side of things and blocks you from getting out of this negative loop. While breaking the complaining habit will inevitably be challenging, it will surely bring you a step closer to healing your hurting mind.

Liberating yourself from the mental cage anxiety has put you inside will not happen overnight.

It will take a significant amount of time and energy. But if you have the courage to go on this journey, your future self will be forever grateful.

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