7 Defining Qualities Of A Тrue Friend

How would our lives look like without our friends? From a young age, friends teach us how to face life’s ups and downs, and give us the building blocks to learn how to give.

Recognizing the importance of friendship, the U.N. has proclaimed July 30 as International Friendship Day, highlighting friendships as a way to bring us together for a more peaceful world.

Let us celebrate true friendships by exploring their most defining characteristics.

1. They are trustworthy

Some people we can trust only as far as we see them. And they do not make good friends.

But then there are those you could share your deepest secrets and concerns with  – because you know that what you say will remain in the vault. A true friend would never use your private information against you or hurt you in any other way.

2. They are always there when you need them 

A true friend has your back, always.

If you are tired, they will take on your load. If you need figuring out how to deal with a pressing problem, they’re your research partners. They neither begrudge nor tally, and if one task has been completed and you need them for more, they have no issue with being there. Period.

3. They can always make you laugh

Rolling on the floor till your stomach hurts of laughter doesn’t just happen with any person. Besties know exactly what will evoke a belly-aching laugh, and between the shared experiences and personal jokes, they know how to tickle your funny bone.

4. They are adventurous

True friends are adventurous in that they like to do things, think things, feel things, and share those things with you.

Now, this doesn’t have to mean bungee jumping or mountain climbing; a trip to a new restaurant will suffice.

The need and willingness to experience the world in different ways is an inseparable part of friendship because it says “take me by the hand and let’s see what’s out there!”

5. They are honest

A real friend will always be honest with you and tell you the truth even though it might hurt. You can not have a true friendship with someone who doesn’t tell you the truth. True friends will never compromise your integrity for the sake of your feelings. Sometimes the truth will surely hurt but it will hurt much less coming from someone you care about and than from someone you don’t.

6. They are generous

Generosity is something that comes naturally between real friends, with each of them willing to share what they have with each other. True friendships have boundaries, but abundance is key. No tabs are kept on who receives and who gives, creating a flow of caring and sharing between both of you.

7. They encourage you

Your best friend thinks that you are awesome and will always be there to give you a boost when you feel down.

As your supporter, a true friend reminds you of how many great things you have to offer the world, always focusing on those positive attributes that make you shine.

Can you think of any more qualities of a true friend we may have missed?

Share them with us in the comment section below. 

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