Puppy dies of heart attack during firework show

A woman named Susan Peterson revealed that a baby dog died after getting a heart attack when it was left in shock by fireworks. 

18-week-old terrier, Molly suffered through extreme distress last Saturday night. Mrs. Paterson made a Facebook post revealing that the little pup had died in Wombwell, South Yorkshire.

She wrote:

‘Due to the enormous amount of fireworks with loud bangs going off around Wombwell and lower Darfield last night, we lost a young terrier with a heart attack. ‘Please think of the animals. Molly was only 18 weeks old and died of FRIGHT caused by fireworks.’

Susan Paterson/Facebook

‘We are still trying to make sense of what happened. Dreading the fireworks again tonight.’ She shared a petition calling for a review of firework rules to protect animals from injury and distress. Julie Doorne started the petition stating: ‘Fireworks can cause serious distress to animals. They don’t only suffer psychologically, but also physically as many attempt to run away from, or hide from, the bangs. ‘With extreme noise levels and people being able to let off fireworks any time of year, it’s difficult for those who care for animals to be able to put measures in place to protect their animals. ‘This is why I’m calling for an urgent review of firework regulations to further restrict their use, as a step to preventing needless animal suffering.’

Susan Paterson/Facebook

You can see the impact fireworks have had on a poor Greyhound in the video below.

And on this poor Border Collie from Stranraer, Scotland. The video below was posted by Ms. Karen Palmer.

Ms. Palmer said:

‘For all you people letting off fireworks tonight. I hope you’re all having a bloody good time cos I know someone who isn’t…… my poor boy!!!! ‘Get them banned for public sale and used for organised displays only.’ Last month Sainsbury’s said it would ban firework sales to stop causing distress to pets and older people, meanwhile Co-op has not sold them for the last five years. A firework company in Cheltenham received a backlash after they used a dog to advertise their products. Cheltenham Fireworks had the slogan: ‘We don’t sell pet ear defenders but we do sell fawking good fireworks!’

For advice and awareness on the negative effects of fireworks on animals, see the video below. 

Do you believe there should be tighter rules on the use of fireworks to save animals from trauma? Let us know your thoughts by joining the conversation in the comments, and please share this article to spread awareness.

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