Racist’s home gets stormed by protesters after he gave out his address in racism-fueled rant

Dozens of protestors stormed a man’s house after he gave out his address amid a racism-infused argument. 

Credits: America’s Most Jaunted / YouTube

On Friday, July 2, a white man was filmed verbally attacking a black man living in his community. As Unilad reports, the incident took place in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

The specific cause of the argument is unclear. However, the white man, identified as Edward Cagney Mathews, can be heard using explicit language and racist slur as the other man is asking him to leave the area.

Mathews then warns he has called the police because he has been “assaulted.” Later on, as the verbal fight heats up, he states his exact address to the person recording the confrontation, adding: “Come f***ing see me!” 

Eventually, a police officer arrives in a bid to end the dispute. However, the cop can be seen clearly overlooking Mathews’s racist slur and approaching the people who were under his verbal attacks instead of him.

About 150 demonstrators showed up at Mathews’s house after the video went viral. 

Credits: America’s Most Jaunted / YouTube

On Monday, July 5, Mathews was shocked to see the crowd demanding to see him while chanting “We want Edward!”, after his invitation. Many of the protestors wore Black Lives Matter shirts, provoked by his despicable racism-fuelled behavior during the confrontation with the black man.

During the protest, police officers were outside Mathews’s home. They later detained him, but many speculate they only escorted him out of the place until the demonstrators leave.

The Philadelphia Inquirer revealed that the man in question emerged briefly on Monday to offer up an apology. However, many insist that an apology is not enough for what he had done.

Credits: The Philadelphia Inquirer / TOM GRALISH

Although Mathews was escorted out of his house by the police, it is still unclear whether he was charged.

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