Pregnant Woman Jumps Into Bloody Water to Rescue Husband from Shark Attack in Florida

A pregnant lady did not think twice before jumping into the ocean to save her husband after he was badly bitten by a shark. 

Just like something out of a horror film, the courageous woman entered the bloody waters after her husband was bitten on the shoulder.

Margot Dukes Eddy and her husband Andrew Eddy, both from Atlanta, were enjoying their holiday in Florida Keys, and when they and their family were relaxing on a private boat, the beast struck.

The boat had stopped and when Andrew saw snorkelers in the water he decided to join the party.


Shortly after, Margot saw a shark fin and then blood leaking from Andrew. 

Andrew immediately started swimming back to the boat but Margot saw the shark making circles, and without thinking twice she jumped into the water to help her man to safety.

“Next thing I know I see flailing and he’s screaming and there’s just all red blood,” Margot’s mom told Inside Edition. “He didn’t know if he could make it to the ladder and my pregnant daughter jumped in to save him.”

Posted by Margot Dukes Eddy on Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Emergency services were called and Andrew was airlifted and brought to a hospital. 

“I saw it’s fin, and I saw it once but then it was swimming toward the boat,” Margot added.

Reportedly, Andrew was in critical condition by the time the rescue team arrived and was taken to Miami hospital, where his injuries were taken care of.

No one else was hurt and other people who were in the sea at the time reported seeing an 8 or 9-foot bull shark in that zone earlier in the day.

The state of Florida is known to have the most unprovoked shark attacks on the planet, according to the Florida Museum.

For Inside Edition’s report on the story please see the video below. 

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