Pregnant bride who lost her home to hurricane scammed by friend who planned the wedding and disappeared with all the money

We all believe that a friend is someone whom we fully trust and respect. Sadly, sometimes even our best friends’ intentions turn out to be deceiving.

This unfortunate bride lost a huge amount of money while being scammed by her BFF of 14 years. 

A Reddit thread reveals how the woman was fooled to leave her pal in charge of her wedding and deeply regretted her decision afterward.

In the post, the bride explains that her friend had recently started his own event planning business. She decided to trust him with the organization of her wedding. Previously, he had also helped her with the gender reveal and the baby shower of her first child. Both events were ‘great’, so she decided to trust her best friend with her wedding as well.

Meanwhile, both the bride and her fiancé were on duty in the military. That’s why they couldn’t actively engage in the planning of the ceremony. However, they trusted this man with thousands of dollars to ensure he has everything he needs for the wedding preparations.

Shockingly, when the couple checked the venue, they found out their friend had ghosted them. 

While still being under the impression their October 3rd wedding was fully paid, the bride and the groom used their free time to take a look at the planning process. Unfortunately, they discovered that the person they trusted with all the money hadn’t paid at all. They even tried to arrange a meeting, but when the time came, all their calls and messages were ignored.

With only a month left until the ceremony, the woman shares she’s ‘distraught’ as she doesn’t even know the exact amount of money her ex-friend has fled with.

Undoubtedly, the whole situation is incredibly distressing. What is even worse, this man the woman believed was her best friend was also the godfather to her son.

The poor bride shared she was going through a rough patch in her life, and this betrayal made her feel hopeless. Not only had her friend scammed her so heartlessly, but she had recently lost her home to Hurricane Laura. After all these hardships, and being six months pregnant with her second child, she admits she was even considering giving up on her wedding.

Furthermore, the woman says she is skeptical about reporting the incident to the police because she fears that suing the scammer would cost even more money than she had already lost. She then ends her story with the words: “Does anyone have any advice on what I could do?”

The netizen who posted the story added another screenshot with further information about the fraud.

It reveals someone mentioning the benefit of the doubt in the comments. However, the bride responds, saying she found that her best friend was just avoiding her.

While some of the users thought that the whole story was suspicious, and even the original poster admits it could be ‘attention-seeking’, others shared similar ones. One of them was even featured on ABC’s Good Morning America.

This similar situation was also about a person fooled by a wedding planner. However, in this case, the scammer was caught in the end. As per Lessons Learned in Life, a user by the nickname intheskywithlucy wrote:

“Turns out she[the planner] had gotten addicted to adderall and was using the money to pay for pills. A year after we got married, we got our money back. We had the option to press charges, or get our $5000 back in full with the agreement that she would go to rehab, so we took the latter.”

Sometimes, even out best friends can turn out to have nothing but bad intentions towards us. So, next time you’re planning a huge event, make sure you’re using the services of trustworthy professionals.

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