Precious Moment Parents Hug Their Little Boy, 4, Who ‘Miraculously’ Survived After Falling 70-Feet Off A Cliff

A little 4-year-old who fell 70-feet off a cliff while on a hiking trip with his family only suffered a few scratches and bruises in what has been described as a “miracle.”

The boy slipped and fell while walking on the Princess Arch part of the Red River Gorge Gorge in Kentucky, hitting “multiple ledges” before landing about 70 feet below, the rescue team revealed, and later praised the boy as a “superhero.”

“Incredibly, while the child was certainly scraped up and bruised, he appeared to be otherwise okay.”

On their Facebook page WCSART wrote:

“He was very talkative, and very interested in super heroes. The only super hero present was him.”

Images by the boy’s saviors showed his mother warmly hugging him in the forest as his dad looked on with his hand placed on his wife’s shoulders and on his child’s back.

In a subsequent image, the boy can be seen sitting on his dad’s lap with his injuries visible, and his dad also seemed to have some scratches across his forearm.

People on social media were praising the father for not giving up on his son. 

One person commented:

“Way to go, dad! He didn’t hesitate to follow his boy down and bring him back to safety while the mother made sure to get an ambulance there. I can’t imagine the fear they felt or the relief they feel now.”

Another said:

“Wow! Amazing! Poor mom through all of that with son and husband both gone for a while. She’s probably aged 20 years in one day.”

A third wrote:

“What a story. The little boys hero is his dad. I’m glad that the little boy is alright and home with his parents.”

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