Prankster climbs into speed camera and flashes cars with his phone

A prankster was filmed climbing into a speed camera and flashing drivers with his phone. 

John Westlake, from the Wirral, North Wales, was captured on camera doing a prank on drivers outside the Lyons Winkups Holiday Park in Towyn. As per Unilad, the holidaymaker climbed up into the back of the speed camera and proceeded to flash the cars from inside the casing.

Credits: Sarah-Jane Westlake-Mearns / Facebook

At the time of the incident, Westlake, 38, had been on a holiday with his wife Sarah-Jane, their two youngest children, and his mother. He came up with the prank while he and his partner were waiting for their takeaway pizza, thinking it might be “a funny way of killing some time.”

Both John and Sarah-Jane were surprised when they realized drivers actually began to slow down when he was flashing them with his phone light. Eventually, he started flashing not just cars but “everyone who was going past.”

The video of John flashing cars with his phone went viral, having been viewed more than 26k times in less than a week.

Speaking to North Wales Live, John said:

“I flashed one person who went by in a mobility scooter and told them to slow down. I just took a run-up and managed to climb in. I was quite surprised the next day, when I saw the speed camera, that I had managed it to be honest.”

Westlake explained he and his wife “were just having a laugh.” He continued:

“Every car I flashed slowed down afterwards – it kept us entertained when we were waiting for our food. I think people relate to it because no one likes speed cameras.”

Credits: Sarah-Jane Westlake-Mearns / Facebook

John and Sarah-Jane were overwhelmed by the dozens of social media users commenting on their video and sending them friend requests after seeing their witty prank. One of them wrote:

“Imagine how much I’d panic if I got flashed when I drive home through Towyn though 😂😂😂

Another said:

“Things u do when your waiting for a kebab thats took over 3 hours 🤣

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