Powerful photoshoot of woman getting ready to fight breast cancer goes viral

Last April, Arkansas nurse Charlie Johnson found a lump in her breast, according to PEOPLE magazine.

The doctors told her it was non-cancerous but she insisted on having it removed. Two weeks later she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Johnson and her husband decided to document their cancer journey by doing a couples photoshoot.

They headed out to a quiet field where Charlie posed beside her loving husband and other family members. But Mandy Parks, their photographer, suggested something totally fresh and inspiring.

“We started talking about doing this photoshoot and I said, ‘Why don’t you be the one who takes your hair, not cancer?” Parks said. Luckily, Charlie had the same vision in her mind. Pretty badass, right?”

“If one woman is struggling with the worries, anxiety, fear of losing her hair and sees this post and can get some hope or empowerment to think ‘I can do this,’ then that is exactly what we want,” Charlie said.

And here are the wonderful photos:


Charlie received a lot of needed support from the online community. Some of their wonderful comments can be seen below.

What are your thoughts on Charlie Johnson’s story? Let us know in the comment section below.

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