Police Have To Wake Thief Up After He Falls Asleep While Robbing House

An officer in Thailand was handed a burglar on a plate as he found him sleeping inside a house he intended to rob.

The owner of the house – whose name is Sekda Jeamprasert – was woken up at night by the sound of the air conditioner coming from the room of his daughter.

Normally he would not have reacted to the sound, but it came as a surprise, as his daughter had been away for a number of days.

Image: Kom Chad Luek

And when he went inside the room, he found a half-naked man sleeping in her bed.

In a video made public by local publication Kom Chad Luek, a policeman is heard shouting at the burglar, waking him from his sleep. The man wakes up and starts looking around all confused, as he realizes what is happening to him.

Image: Kom Chad Luek

The criminal – who has been revealed as Athit Kin Khun Thud –  is said to have had entered the home plans to rob it.

Image: Kom Chad Luek

He had popped on the air conditioning for a short cool nap but ended up sleeping longer than intended.

Image: Kom Chad Luek

Even though nothing was stolen, the man was charged with breaking and entering a property.

Check out the moment he is caught in the act by clicking below.

And funnily enough, this is not the first time a thief has gone to bed while on “the job”.

Back in 2020, a young man – who was only named Babu by The News Minute – broke into a house in India and fell asleep on the bed of the guy he was trying to steal from.

He had planned the robbery with care, knowing every little detail about the owner’s routine and where he kept his money.

Baby went inside the house of Satti Venkat Reddy at around 4am on September 12 and went to sleep in Reddy’s bed.

“When our colleagues went there, [Babu] locked himself up in the room. After persuading him for a few minutes, he was detained,” a policeman who attended the scene told the media.

He told us that he was tired and since the air conditioner was also on, he could not resist the sleep,” he added.

Image: The News Minute

Authorities said Babu was not an expert in his “field” but had numerous debts and wanted to rob the home in order to pay them off. 

“He thought that he would get out of the mess if he just committed a theft. He saw that the petrol bunk owner took his daily collection home before depositing it in the bank, so he followed him and attempted to steal the money from him,” authorities said.

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