Pokémon Grandpa Becomes The Most Serious Victim Of Earthquake Alert Glitch

Pokémon Go Grandpa became the most severely affected victim of a glitch in Taiwan’s earthquake alert system.

  • A glitch in the earthquake alert system in Taiwan caused mass confusion amongst residents.
  • Pokémon Go Grandpa was thought to be most affected by the alarming chaos.
  • At the time, all of his over 70 devices started blasting warning notifications about the earthquake. 
Credits: K.j. Leng‎ /Facebook

The Taiwanese man, who became famous for playing Pokémon Go on about 70 smartphones at once, was thought to be the most seriously affected by Taiwan’s earthquake alert system error. As per UDN, the glitch caused 14 warnings to be sent in response to an earthquake. The incident occurred on February 7, at 1:36 am.

The alarming audio warning was triggered by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake, which affected 85km(53mi) off the coast of Yilan County, 9GAG reports.

According to Cheng Ming-dean, director of Central Weather Bureau (CWB), the blast was generated by a malfunction. The system allegedly treated the shock waves as separate earthquakes and, therefore, instigated multiple alarms.

Credits: South China Morning Post / YouTube

Following the incident, New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-yi urged CWB to work on fixing the bugs in the system. The mayor stated that the glitch not only caused a sleep disturbance but also spread a feeling of insecurity amongst the residents.

People were seriously concerned about Pokémon Go Grandpa’s condition after the shocking wave of alarms. 

Chen San-yuan, 71, also known as Pokémon Go Grandpa, was thought to be the most affected victim of the multiple warnings triggered by the malfunction. Locals were well-aware that he had dozens of phones for practicing his hobby, so they were concerned about how the alarming chaos affected his emotional and physical health.

Credits: South China Morning Post / YouTube

On Sunday, Chen held an improvised press conference outside his home. He told the media that, at the time of the incident, he was out playing Pokémo Go with 72 smartphones at once. Although he didn’t feel the earthquake, he said that all of his devices started blasting notifications about it simultaneously, CTS News reveals. It took him over half an hour to turn all of the alarms off.

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