Piers Morgan Slams Olympian Simone Biles For Quitting The Games In Fierce Column

British TV host Piers Morgan slammed Simone Biles’ decision to leave the gymnastics team finals and for “quitting on her team”.

After writing a column where he stated his opinions, Morgan was attacked by fans who said the Good Morning Britain host was being insensitive to Biles’ mental health problems.

“I don’t think it’s remotely courageous, heroic or inspiring to quit,” Morgan wrote in his Daily Mail piece.

“When you call yourself the GOAT in sport, you can’t then quit the moment things get tough or you make a mistake. Something that I’m sure Simone Biles, in her heart, must realise because she’s a great champion and great champions just don’t do that.”

Biles shocked the world last Tuesday when she came out saying she’d be making an exit from the gymnastics team finals in Tokyo so she could spend time taking care of her mental wellbeing and later on USA Gymnastics announced she was also quitting Thursday’s all-around contest.

But even though Biles left the team, they ended up winning the silver medal without her.

She said the following:

“Physically, I feel good, I’m in shape.

Emotionally, that kind of varies on the time and moment. Coming to the Olympics and being head star isn’t an easy feat.

I feel like I’m also not having as much fun. This Olympic Games, I wanted it to be for myself, but I came in and I felt like I was still doing it for other people. It hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people.”

Morgan brushed away the athlete’s comments and said the Olympics aren’t about “fun,” nor are they just for individual persons.

“You are part of Team USA, representing the United States of America, and hundreds of millions of American people watching back home, not to mention all the sponsors who’ve paid huge sums to support you,” he wrote.

And when you quit, you were performing as part of a gymnastics team, not yourself.”

The Twitter crowd quickly set its sights on Morgan for his words and slammed him for his recent walking off the set of “Good Morning Britain” during an argument with a guest about Meghan Markle, which he also admitted was “wrong,” “gutless and cowardly” in his Daily Mail column.

Meanwhile, fans of the athlete said mental problems must be taken seriously and that it was brave of her to talk about it publicly and drop out of the games.

In response to Morgan’s comments, Madz_27 tweeted:

“When someone takes their own life, the amount of times you hear ‘if only they’d reached out’ but when someone speaks out about their mental health you get tweets like this.”

Twitter user James Donnelly wrote:

“I just knew you’d attack Simone like this. Have you ever thought that mental health issues has gone on for decades, but because of stigma, taboo, or just scared, it’s been kept secret. But now we are more open to discussing the subject, more will open up. And that IS inspiring.”

Milly Gilbert pointed out that Biles was sexually abused by sports doctor Larry Nassar.

“She was sexually assaulted over and over again,” she tweeted.

“She was sexually assaulted and now has her own gym for young girls to protect them.”

Later on, Morgan made a tweet along with a photo of him and Biles and encouraged her to get back in the game.

“You can either listen to snowflake Twitter, @Simone_Biles – or listen to me. You’re a great champion, & great champions get back on their feet when they get knocked down,” he wrote.

“So, re-engage in these Games, win Gold, & inspire with the power of resilience not resignation. Go for it.”

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