PICTURED: Mother who had her breast fondled by a cop AFTER her death, family is starting lawsuit

A Los Angeles Police Department cop who was fired for fondling a dead woman’s breasts is now being sued. 

Elizabeth Baggett, 34, passed away in her apartment in LA last October. The cause of her death has not been revealed yet, but officer David Rojas was one of the policemen who were sent to check on her.

As soon as his partner exited the room, Rojas switched his bodycam off.

He did not know that such cameras keep on recording for two more minutes after being turned off and fondled the dead woman’s breasts, persecutors say.

The reason for his camera being checked by police bosses is unclear but they acted and he was subsequently removed from his position.

Elizabeth Baggett. Image source: Facebook

Rojas pleaded not guilty to sexual contact with human remains without authority. 

Elizabeth’s loved ones are now suing the cop as well as other LAPD employees who’ve seen the footage.

The family is alleging an invasion of privacy and say that the cops who’ve seen the footage inflicted emotional harm on them.

Elizabeth Baggett. Image source: Facebook

During an LA press conference this week, Elizabeth’s mother, Janet said her child, who was in the arts, was “full of life.”

David Rojas. Image credit: Associated Press

Elizabeth is survived by her 15-year-old boy, Preston.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who is fighting on behalf of the family, read a statement from the son. 

” [Rojas’] behavior was vile. He does not deserve to be a police officer,” he said.

Allred also made a statement saying:

“The unexpected loss of Elizabeth has been devastating for this family, and learning that she and her remains have been so disrespected and violated has compounded the loss and inflicted horrific pain and suffering on her loved ones.

Learning, too, that the video of her alleged sexual molestation has been viewed by others sickens them and is deeply disturbing.

So many woman are sexually abused during their lifetime, and now we learn that some are even sexually victimized after their deaths.

To add insult to injury, the knowledge that a police officer, during the course of his investigation of the death of a young woman, would take advantage of his position of power and trust to allegedly sexually abuse the body of a deceased person is very upsetting.

It is not only against the law, but it is also against all sense of human decency.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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