Mother Releases Socking Photo Of Quarantined 2-month-Old In Hospital After Contracting Coronavirus

A desperate mother from South Carolina has posted pictures of her two-month-old baby attached to a ventilator after testing positive for COVID-19.

Ashley Helbrand wrote to let the public know her baby daughter Ellie had been infected with the killer disease despite not showing any signs of it.

In her Facebook post she noted that her child “was a little wheezy on and off for a few days, nothing alarming at all”.

“Her lungs sounded fine Tuesday at her 2mo check up. On Friday morning she had a bottle and was doing tummy time,

She rolled over and she seemed very constipated. Then she screamed for a few minutes and then she stopped screaming and crying and stopped breathing efficiently.

We called 911, when the ambulance got there her oxygen was at 58.

While in the hospital she actually got hypothermic and they said that small babies will sometimes get cold instead of a fever.”

Little Ellie – Image credit: Ashley Helbrand

The concerned mother says doctors did not at first think that Ellie had coronavirus.

“At the hospital, all the tests they were doing were coming back totally normal,” 

I can not respond to all these messages I have been getting. So I will answer a few questions publicly."What were her…

Posted by Ashley Hildebrand on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

After they did a number of tests for other things and they all came back negative, the doctors finally decided to test for COVID -19, just in case.

“Honestly none of the doctors or nurses thought she was gonna (sic) come back positive bc the symptoms didn’t add up.”

Little Ellie – Image credit: Ashley Helbrand

At the moment, the baby is being looked after in intensive care, while both parents remain in quarantine at their home.

“Our child is at the hospital, we are at home,” Ashley wrote.

“And it hurts and it sucks and we miss her and love her very much.”

Thankfully, Ellie has now begun to show signs of improvement.

“Ellie is getting better and stronger every day,” the mother wrote in a recent update.

“The ventilator is slowly getting turned down every day, and we are hopeful that it will be OUT sometime this weekend.“

Ellie's father and I have spoke at length, and we do not want to do wish to speak with the news or do any interviews.Ellie is getting better and stronger every day! Thank you for all your love!

Posted by Ashley Hildebrand on Thursday, March 26, 2020

The mother and father are not sure where she may have caught the disease.

“There is really no way to know. We never knew we were exposed in the first place,” 

What are your thoughts on this frightening situation? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article to spread awareness of the dangers of this silent killer.

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