People Who Turn In Women Seeking Abortions Will Be Eligible For A $10,000 Reward In Texas

From September 1, 2021, Texan women who want to have an abortion six weeks after conception could be turned in for a solid cash reward, after the passing of the Texas Heartbeat Act.

The act, which was passed in May, will allow people to sue medical companies (both private and public) for performing abortions after the detection of a baby’s heartbeat. People who wish to claim the $10,000 award don’t need to be citizens of the state.

Pro-Choice group Women’s March has noted that surgeons, medical staff, friends and others who facilitate an abortion could also be punished by the law.

Consequently, the opposition wants this law to be changed before it is set in stone.

Back in May, Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that prohibits abortions six weeks after conception, even though there are some exceptions. Abortions are allowed if a woman’s life is at risk, but the law still stands if the baby was conceived as a consequence of rape or incest.

Jennifer Rubi of the Washington Post noted the following:

“Consider the potential for harassment, spying, extortion and other vengeful behavior directed toward women. The law depends on what others know about her reproductive health and are willing to tell the authorities to grab a $10,000 bounty.”

MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid also stated her opinion on the matter:

“So now Texas Republicans are putting bounties on pregnant women. I almost hate to ask what this benighted party will think of next.”

According to Professor Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas, the law raises a number of concerns:

“It’s a deeply cynical effort to both (1) chill conduct that ought to be constitutionally protected; and (2) provide cover for judges to find creative ways to dodge the merits of the constitutional challenge.”

Six-week abortion bans in other states have all been branded unconstitutional as they’ve gone through the legal system, Fortune reported.

Rubi went on to expand on the issue:

“If they [Republicans] cannot win elections and defend their policy objectives, Republicans appear willing to burn down democratic elections and ‘equal justice under the law.”

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