7 Things Only People Who Love Staring At The Sky Would Understand

“When I have difficulty suffering all the fools in this world, when I feel that my ego is showing too much, I sometimes wander outside in the late evening and stare up at the sky in silence. I turn slowly around so that I can see all those billions of stars, all those millions of galaxies, the scale of them all… and I think to myself just how unimportant they all are.” – Chris Moore 

What do we truly see when we look at the sky?

While some of us find great spiritual meaning, others fail to appreciate the psychological significance of looking at the sky.

Here are some of the things those of us who often find themselves staring at the sky can relate to.

1. You embrace hope and freedom

By looking deeply into the sky you can find new hope in moments of despair. You are offered a chance to slow down, take a deep breath and expand your soul by connecting to nature and embracing freedom.

2. You feel special 

When looking through a telescope to explore the Galaxy, you feel that its lights have been traveling for millions of years through the vastness of the universe just to hit your retina. Out all the places it could have gone, it landed on this pale blue dot you call home. 

3. It sparks your curiosity

Looking at the sky waters your curiosity and gears you to ask questions. What is out there? Can there truly be doors to other universes? Are we alone? By staring at the sky you cannot help asking questions.

4. You find perfection in the world we live in

When things around you look fuzzy, uncertain and disorderly, you can look up and see breathtaking magnificence, and something powerful to remind you that there can be a better direction for you to take and things can turn from gloomy to perfect.

5. You feel determined to accomplish your goals

By looking at the sky you get a sense of hope and find new determination to accomplish your goals. This is perhaps due to the admiration you feel for the sky, and in this case, it serves as your role model.

6. When you look at the sky, beauty takes on a whole new meaning

By looking at the sky you conceal yourself in the immeasurable beauty of the golden sun, the full moon, the glowing stars infinite in numbers, and the wondrous colors of the rainbow.

7. It gives you peace

Looking at the sky gives you inner peace because it manages to make you feel special and yet makes you understand how small your place in the universe is.

You are made to realize how insignificant you are but understanding and accepting that makes you significant.

You find peace because the sky makes you humble.

What emotions does looking at the sky invoke inside you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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