8 Undeniable Traits Of People Who Have Strong Personalities

Courage and self-confidence, the two main attributes of someone who possesses a strong personality.

These are the go-getters and trend setters, they do not follow the insecure and fear driven mindset that the rest of the world follows. They are the ones who have written their own rules and live by them.

When one comes face to face with one of these people it is easy to feel intimidated. They ooze with self confidence and charisma. These are the people who have stories to tell and do not ride on the coat tale of others. They dare to do what others are too afraid of doing, they say what they are feeling and are unapologetically raw and authentic. They follow their heart and make the most of any situation.

However, it’s not without trial and error that they are who they are, like all of us, people with strong personalities have had to go through hardships.

The difference is that they have not let the hardships define who they are, instead they have used it to refine who they are.

Here are 8 ways to tell whether you have a strong personality:

1. You Choose Your Friends Wisely;

You are quite picky when it comes to the people around you. You surround yourself with people who know their worth, are positive and goal driven. You’ve realized that too many, friendship is a word loosely used with little meaning. However, you take it seriously because as the saying goes, you are the company you keep, so you choose to keep people who are positive, loyal and uplifting.

2. You Do Not Seek Attention;

Being liked by everyone is not on your to-do list. In fact, you struggle to see why some people will go to any length to be liked. Every person is unique and to you there are more important things in life than being liked by people. The most important thing is that you like yourself, not in an egotistical way but in a self love kind of way.

3. You Do Not Seek The Approval Of Others;

When you have a strong personality you realize that the only approval needed is that of your own. Relying on others to validate your existence only leads to anxiety or suffering.

4. Insensitivity And Idiocy Repels You;

Being kind is a natural state of mind for you, you seek to help others see their worth and you love empowering those around you. Small minded, insensitive people are driven by intimidation and jealousy. These two things have no place in your life and when you come into contact with someone driven by these two things you find yourself moving along swiftly.

5. You Can’t Fathom Small Talk;

You want to engage in mind blowing, informative talk, learning empowers the soul. You’ve realized that small talk does nothing but take up precious time therefore you are always the one who starts talking about things often avoid.

6. You’re A Really Good Listener;

You’ve realized that one of the things this world needs most are people who listen. When you listen you open new ways of communication between the person talking and the one listening. It creates a new bond between the people involved. When you listen you learn.

7. You Don’t Have Time For Crappy Excuses;

There’s doing and then there’s excuses for not doing. You love being around people who talk of their success and can’t deal with people who are always have reasons as to why they couldn’t achieve what they set out to achieve.

8. You’re fearless;

And lastly, one of the most undeniable traits of someone who has a strong personality is that you are fearless. You are born to lead and set trends, you care not for the opinions of others and mindless gossip filled conversations. You look at life and all its curve balls as a challenge and do not stop until you have gracefully conquered each one. You don’t let the intimidated intimidate you, instead you help build their self-confidence with love and grace which you have cultivated throughout your life.

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