10 Reasons Why People Who Have Big Sisters Are Really Blessed

There’s nothing more precious than having a big sister.

Who else is going to cover for you when you came in late?

And that’s not all!

Your big sister is your best friend, a person you can always confide in, your partner in crime, someone who will always give you an honest opinion, your other mom, and so much more.

Here’s a list of 10 things that explain why people who have an older sister are blessed.

1. She will be there for you. Always.

– People come and go but true friends stay in our lives forever. That is so true when it comes to your big sister. No matter what happens – good or bad she will be by your side.

2. She is a person who would always forgive you.

– no matter how much you’ve hurt her, your sister will always find a way to forgive you. Your friends might not be the same during different stages of your life. But this is not the case with your big sister. She will always be your friend and help you.

3. She knows you extremely well

– Sometimes big sisters know us even better than we know ourselves. She knows your food preferences, the fact you hate blue and that you never wear short skirts because you don’t want people to see the scar on your knee. But she also knows why you do things in a certain way and what makes you feel sad or happy.

4. You can tell her all your secrets

– she is the one you told first that had your first kiss. She is the person who was there for you when you were going through your first heartbreak. You can always confide in her because she will never betray your trust and will give an honest opinion about your situation.

5. She will give you the best advice

– Knowing you so well, possibly even better than your parents, she is the one to give you the best advice. She won’t judge or blame you but will tell you what is the right thing to do.

6. You don’t need to pretend that you are someone else

– Your sister is one of the few people in your life who will always love you for who you are. She is someone who will not blame you for your small mistakes nor will she judge you when you don’t make the right choice. She might criticize you but it would be only to show you what’s right to do. Then she will hug you, kiss you and say it’s all OK.

7. She helps you get along with your parents

– If you’ve been having arguments with your parents, there’s nothing more precious than the fact your experienced big sister is on your side and will help you make peace with them. Whether you are breaking your curfew or it’s your boyfriend they don’t like, she will have been through that before so she knows how to act and what to say. And the best of all is that if you screw up big time, she’s might play the role of mediator and try to smooth over the situation.

8.  She makes your life so much more interesting

– Having an older sister is a huge advantage in life. Not only because she loves you unconditionally but also because she also makes your life so much more interesting. She is the one to show you the hottest new trends, she is the person who will bring you to the concert of your favorite band or buy you make up for the first time.

9. She is the best aunt

– usually, big sisters make the best aunts to their siblings’ children. The reason for that is probably they’ve become mothers already and know how to get along with a child. Yet, they are much more tolerant of the children of their sister and spoil them as much as they can.

10. She is your other mum

– Anyone who is blessed with having a big sister will confirm that she will defend you, love you, take care for you and accept you just as much as a mom and will be there whenever she’s needed.

So, if you have a big sister never forget telling her how much you love and appreciate her.

She deserves to know that you value her presence in your life.

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