People In Awe After Man Spotted Walking An Emotional Support Alligator

Philadelphians were left in awe after seeing a small-sized alligator having a walk in the park on a leash. 

The creature was seen taking a walk with his owner Joie Henney in Love Park. The duo even went through the fountains to cool off.

A video shared through social media shows the gator enjoying the water and the sun as people look on.

In the TikTok clip a crowd of people can be seen coming close to take photos of Wally the gator while a young girl walks him by a leash.


Joie said:

“Wally loved spending the day in Love Park, Philadelphia!!”

One commenter wrote:

“Awww I wish I knew you were in my city! I’m dying to hug Wally.”

Another added:

“Come to Ohio, Wally, big fan base ready to meet ya buddy.”

A third wrote:

“I would totally die from happiness if I saw Wally!” said a third.

And yet another added:

“Wish I had time to go meet you while you were in Philly.”

In an interview with CNN, Joie said that everyone enjoyed Wally’s company and loved being around him.

“They just had a blast. People came as soon as they heard Wally was there to get a hug and get a photo with him,” he said.


Joie, a veteran animal handler, first met Wally 6 years ago after he was contracted by a friend in Florida.

Little Wally had been take out of a lagoon and then brought to Pennsylvania to meet his new owner.

Joie then made a little cupboard home for Wally and ever since the two have been best friends.

Eventually, the gator earned his license as an emotional support animal, giving Joie the strength he needed to go through cancer treatment.

“Wally has been quite different than any alligator I’ve ever dealt with in the past 30 years,” Joie said.

“He doesn’t show anger. He doesn’t show aggression. He hasn’t since the day he was caught. We never could understand why.

“He’s just loveable. He sleeps with me, steals my pillows, steals my blankets. He’s just awesome.”

See Wally in action in the video below:


Wally loved spending the day in Love Park, Philadelphia !!#WallyGatorESA

♬ Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

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