People Are Comparing The Most “Middle-Class” Items In Their Homes

A group of people on Redditt joined in a game of comparison about how many dumb and unnecessary household items they have to determine how middle class they are.  

According to people on Redditt, middle-class homes are filled with lots of unnecessary items (a supposed sign of wealth) that are designed to look nice or make your life a tiny bit easier.

From a cat’s bowl of Le Creuset worth hundreds of dollars to a set of decorative towels, the thread is filled with people “fessing up to their most shameful middle-class belongings.”

Among the items are things most people wouldn’t actually think of as strictly middle class, such as “a refrigerated bottle of water,” “a sourdough starter,” or “a golden retriever named Cooper,” but others ranging from “incredibly posh” to “I didn’t even know that existed,” include “grapefruit spoons,” “glasses for different types of wine,” and a “hot chocolate velvetiser.”

There were also some people who shared things like “a rowing trophy from Oxford” and “a framed family tree dating back to 1388.”

Some people have also criticized the thread for suggesting that items like “hoovers” and “books” are middle class. But one thing’s for sure, many of us will be taking a second look at all those things we’ve ordered online during the lockdowns…

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