Pentagon rejects Trump’s request for a ‘military-style’ farewell parade

The Pentagon refuses to hold an Armed Forces Farewell and the requested military-style parade for Donald Trump’s Wednesday resignation. 

  • President Donald Trump was denied a farewell from the US Department of Defense following the US Capitol attack. 
  • The Pentagon refused to participate in the requested ‘military-style’ parade and any other sendoff ceremonies. 
  • Trump has vowed for a “peaceful transition of power” but will not take part in the traditional end-of-term events.

President Donald Trump has demanded a parade for the official end of his presidency. However, in the wake of the US Capitol raid aftermath, the Pentagon declined his request. What’s more, the United States Department of Defense has also denied throwing the traditional farewell ceremony for the resigning president.

Credits: AP

As Daily Mail reports, Trump wanted a “military-style” goodbye. According to a person who has discussed the matter with the president, he had requested a parade and a “crowd of supporters.”

Despite his demands for a proper presidency farewell, senior Defense officials told Defense One that there are no plans for a military sendoff for Donald Trump.

The Pentagon states they won’t participate in the president’s parade regardless of its location.

Despite the uncertainty whether President Trump wants his farewell to take place at the White House, Joint Base Andrews, or Palm Beach, the Department of Defence will not take part in the ceremony.

On January 20, Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day, Trump is expected to be at his Mar-a-Lago club in South Florida or playing at his nearby golf course. Although he has not acknowledged his opponent’s election victory, he has allegedly said there will be a “peaceful transition of power.”

Credits: AP

However, the president is not engaging in the traditional end-of-term events. Trump will also not participate in any hand-off rituals that incumbents typically do to welcome newly elected presidents. Reportedly, he won’t leave a letter of advice to Joe Biden and will not host a one-on-one conversation with the new president.

Following the US Capitol break-in that cost the lives of five people, including police officers and an Air Force veteran, the celebrations for Biden’s inauguration will be closed to the public.

The FBI is currently tracking several threats of violence. Meanwhile, thousands of National Guard troops were deployed to the streets of Washington until Trump’s official resignation.

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