Does The Size Really Matter?

Does The Size Really Matter?

There is that age old saying, ‘It’s not the size that counts it’s how you use it’, but does this saying ring true in the hugely debated topic of penis size?

Does the size of a mans member actually make any difference in your attractiveness or the ability to pleasure you partner?

Interestingly enough humans have the biggest penis of any primate both in absolute size and relative to body proportions, so that is one thing to be proud of.

Throughout evolutionary history females likely developed a preference for penis shape and size much like female peacocks have developed a preference for males with stunning feathers. As a result they chose males with larger penises ultimately passing on those genes. This is known as sexual selection.

It may have also been an advantage for males, as a larger penis is more effective at removing the sperm of rival males during intercourse. The longer the depth of thrust the more successful the semen displacement of the rival sperm, ensuring his genes get passed on instead.

One particular study found that more women experienced more vaginal orgasms with larger penises, suggesting that it might be able to stimulate the entire length of the vagina and the cervix.

However its important to note that women experience different types of orgasms. In fact vaginal and clitoral orgasms are completely separate phenomenon that use different nerves and stimulate different areas of the brain.

In fact the coveted G-spot, a sexually sensitive area in women is located only 1/3 of the way into the vagina. So you don’t need much length to find that holy grail.

Other surveys have found that women are not nearly as concerned with size as men might think and preferences vary. Though studies on homosexual men have found they find a larger penis as ideal.

A study in 2013 actually found that flaccid penis size can also be a major factor in male attractiveness even before sexual contact, which may seem odd considering we wear clothes nowadays, but for our ancestors the genitals would have been visible.

In another study women were asked to rank the computer generated images reflecting different body types and penis sizes. From this it was clearer that not only were taller and more fit men were more desirable but flaccid penis size played a role in their perceived attractiveness too. The larger the penis the higher they were rated. But there was a limit, a flaccid penis larger than about 7.6cm and attractiveness began to diminish.

It would seem a penis in proportion is the most desirable. After all, over exaggerated traits, even those related to attractiveness can often be a sign of problems. And it turns out that the person attached to the penis makes a difference too. Funny that? Almost all studies showing that confidence, enjoyable personality and attraction being the best predictor of sexual satisfaction.

Ultimately where size does seem to matter in an evolutionary context, bigger is not always better, and in reality it is all about how you use it and whom you use it with.

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