Parents force their 5-year-old twins into marriage, believing the kids were lovers in their past lives

Thai parents forced their 5-year-old twins to get married, believing they were lovers in their past lives.

  • Twins, 5, were forced into marriage due to Thai superstitious tradition.
  • According to their parents, the children had a romantic relationship in their previous lives, but they didn’t have the chance to clear their “karma.”
  • Although the marriage was not legal, the twins’ family shares they needed the ceremony, so the kids can lead healthy and happy lives.
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The twins Washirawit Bee Moosika and Rinrada Breem, 5, were forced to get married because of their family’s Buddhist beliefs. As Newsner reports, the children’s parents were convinced they had a romantic relationship in their former lives.

Weerasak, 31, and wife Rewadee, 30, believed their kids didn’t have the chance to make their love official in their previous lives. To clear their “karma,” they decided to arrange their marriage now, while their children are still far too young to understand the meaning of this union.

Credits: Viral Press

As per Daily Mail, the mother said:

“I feel so lucky to have twins but I’m concerned that there is something following them from their previous lives. Our belief is that they should be married in order to clear that karma.”

The children were married on March 4, before the eyes of friends and family members. 

Washirawit and Rinrada’s wedding ceremony was attended by friends and family who apparently supported the brother-sister matrimony.

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What’s more, their parents insist they had no other choice but to force the children into marriage, as Thai superstitious customs suggest that one of the twins will become sick unless they get married. Their father, Weerasak, said:

“We believe that if your children were born twins who have a different gender, they must be married or else one of them will fall ill later in their lives. We are only doing this to make sure our children are safe. We do not want them to be sick and there is nothing to lose if we follow this belief.”

Despite the twins’ marriage not being valid in the eyes of the law, their parents were convinced they had to arrange the ceremony, so their children can lead healthy and happy lives.

Unfortunately, Washirawit and Rinrada’s wedding is not a single case.

Back in 2019, a pair of 5-year-old Thai twins, a boy and a girl, were also forced into marriage for the very same beliefs. They had a big wedding ceremony with over 100 guests who celebrated their union.

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As per Yahoo!, the twins’ father, Tossapol Puangthong, 37, explained:

“It’s a traditional belief that twins loved each other in a past life but something prevented them from being together. Destiny and karma brought them together again, making them to reborn as twins so they can be together from the first day of their new lives. According to our belief, the only way to dispel that bond from the past life is for them to be married. Unless that’s done, they could both suffer bad luck in the future and be unable to live their own lives separately.”

Credits: Newsflare

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