Paralyzed Pup Named Pumpkin Finally Able To Play In The Park Thanks To The Kindness Of Strangers

A tiny paralyzed dog is now finally able to move around with its brand new custom-made wheelchair.

Pumpkin, an 11-week-old West Highland Terrier, was born with a disability in her two hind legs and could only move by pulling her body forward using her front paws.

But earlier in October, owner Tammy Fox, 41, started a fundraiser for special veterinary treatment and was able to raise more than £6,000 in a matter of hours.

The nail technician from Lincoln, UK, also received a donated wheelchair from disabled dog charity Winston Wheels and is happy that Pumpkin can finally play in the park.

Tammy took Pumpkin under her wing after a breeder gave it away to the Breeds in Need charity.

“I’m totally overwhelmed,” she said. “It still doesn’t seem real. I only ever thought that people who knew me would donate.

I’m absolutely blown away by people’s generosity.”

Pumpkin’s fate was hanging in the balance but Tammy quickly fell in love with her.

She said:

“When I first met Pumpkin nine days ago, I was an absolute emotional wreck.”

It broke my heart to see her with these disabilities and unable to walk.

I fell in love with her instantly, and so did my husband Richard and our kids, Maddison-Belle, ten, and Ziggy, four. Even Smiggle the dog loved her.”

The lovely pup is set to see a specialist vet in Surrey soon for a checkup, which will reveal more details about her condition and the future treatment she will need.

“Pumpkin is a proper character, full of personality and she just loves cuddles.

We both decided we wanted to adopt her permanently the day we got her, it was love at first sight.

We know we can give her the love and care she needs – I’ll sell my car if I need to,” Tammy went on to say.

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