Paedophiles will lose their houses, cars and cash in crackdown

Federal police are confiscating child sex offenders’ homes, cars, and other assets as part of new crime laws.

  • Australian Minister Peter Dutton revealed new laws regarding pedophiles over the weekend.
  • Federal police will be allowed to seize child sex offender’s property.
  • The Australian Federal Police promises to ‘unleash maximum damage’. 

On Sunday, Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton announced groundbreaking new crime laws that will allow cops to seize properties of people involved in child sex trafficking, Daily Mail reports. Minister Dutton stated: 

“If a sex offender is found to be profiting or seeking to gain from the exploitation of children, they can expect to have their bank account, their home or even their car seized. We are going to target those who profit from an abhorrent trade in child abuse.”

Credits: AFP

The new laws come as the Australian Federal Police revealed there is an unthinkable high demand from Australians who support online child sex abuse. A piece of terrifying information states that the people of Australia are paying impoverished parents to film themselves while sexually abusing their own children. 

Regarding this distressing data, AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw said in a statement: 

“We will go after the assets of paedophiles. It is truly sickening that offenders are profiting from the abuse, degradation and misery of children. I make no apologies for using the full force and application of the law in our fight to lock these offenders away, and strip them of their tainted assets.”

The AFP commissioner claims they will ‘unleash maximum damage’ to pedophiles.

The Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce (CACT), led by AFP, will enforce a ‘new and aggressive’ strategy while going after the child sex abusers. The confiscation taskforce will track online money trails with the help of police, lawyers, financial investigators, and forensic accountants.

Credits: AFP

If CACT’s unit detects someone trying to earn money from the sex-trafficking of children, they will have the right to confiscate this person’s home, cash, and other assets. Kershaw adds: 

“The CACT is highly skilled at what they do, and are relentless and determined in their pursuit for justice.”

The AFP also revealed that internet servers crashed because of the high surge of child abuse content viewed by Australians. AFP Assistant Commissioner Lesa Gale explained: 

“Australian law enforcement officers observed sites hosting online sexual abuse material crashing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the increased volume of traffic.”

During the nationwide lockdown, dark forums had doubled their internet traffic. In the report, Kershaw claims that ‘the AFP has a number of ongoing investigations into child sex predators on the dark web’. However, he admits it could take years to catch just one offender.

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