Overcoming alienation

Is it possible to lose touch with yourself? Why do we feel more isolated from one another now than we did before we had social media? When did we stop appreciating the wonders of nature?

Nowadays, we are all in a rush, and most of us fail to acknowledge what truly matters in their life. As a result, we alienate ourselves from those who care about us, the nature that makes our existence possible, and the dreams that once inspired us. We lose the sense of connection that comes with face to face conversations and actual human touch.

Luckily, we are still able to restore this connection.

Here ate 4 types of alienation and how to deal with them: 

1. Disconnection from yourself.

The connection we have with ourselves is probably the most important relationship we will ever have. As they say, you are born alone, and you die alone, so you might as well be at peace with yourself. Sadly, there are many times in life when we unintentionally lose the connection we have with our authentic selves. We get influenced by external factors that sometimes force us to forget what we truly believe in. But thankfully, there is a way for us to revive the bond we have with ourselves. All we need to do is become more mindful of what our soul craves. We can do that by practicing gratitude, meditating, spending more time with the people we love. As long as we have the patience and motivation to pursue the positive change, we are on the right track.

2. Isolation from others.

Being truly connected to others has lost its sense in recent years. We may think that social media helps us keep in touch, but it often does exactly the opposite. We become so preoccupied with our smartphones that we forget what it’s like to be present at the moment. Eventually, we fail to appreciate valuable moments of our lives that we don’t even notice because of our online obsession. But if we make more quality time for the ones we love and join more activities that offer opportunities to meet new people, we might feel less disconnected from the world.

3. Alienation from our purpose.

Is the job you’re currently stuck at your true purpose? Does it fulfill your goals? Have you achieved everything you have ever dreamed of? If the answer to those questions is ‘No’, then you shouldn’t stop here. You shouldn’t settle for a mediocre life if you secretly wish to reach for the stars. What’s more, you shouldn’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from following your heart. No one tells you to yell at your boss and storm off from the office, but there must be something you could do today to take a step closer to your dreams. Don’t be afraid of failure – be afraid of the regret you will feel if you don’t listen to your heart.

4. Withdrawal from nature.

When was the last time you enjoyed a hike or a short walk in the park? Spending more time outside helps us appreciate the real beauty of nature. It allows us to connect with the world around us on a deeper level. The great outdoors offers us countless opportunities to get in touch with what truly matters in life. The mesmerizing sunrises on the top of a mountain, the alluring sunsets on the beach, the majestic forests, the stunning rivers becoming one with the ocean… All these wonders are worth your attention, so stop withdrawing from nature and start exploring!

Loneliness is something we all struggle with. Some of us even more than the others. But we could all benefit if we tried to appreciate the people we love, the dreams we have, and the world we live in a little more.

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