Osama Bin Laden Was Found Because His Family Hung Their Laundry Out To Dry

Infamous terrorist Osama bin Laden was captured after the United States military found his family’s clothes hanging out to dry, a book has claimed.

By 2010, the CIA was getting close to catching bin Laden thanks to an informant from Pakistan who noticed a man thought to be Ibrahim, bin Laden’s most trusted bodyguard, Ibrahim Saeed Ahmed abd al-Hamid.

Ibrahim’s vehicle eventually led the agency to the hiding place, which was a large building with 18-foot-high walls with barbed wire.

Living inside were bin Laden’s three wives, eight of his youngest children, and four grandkids, including two- and three-year-old babies.

A number of unusual activities eventually started drawing Interest in the property. It didn’t have telephone lines or internet, even though whoever constructed it surely had enough money to afford such necessities.

The large main house didn’t have many windows, and the top floor’s open-air balcony was surrounded by a high wall.

Eventually, the CIA set up a hidden base nearby to investigate further.

And surprisingly, what exposed the truth was the amount of laundry for women, men, children’s as well as baby diapers – which was far more than the 11 members of the bodyguards’ families could possibly wear.


After careful monitoring of the number of clothes being hung outside, the CIA came to the conclusion that there had to be one man living inside, along with a number of women, and at least nine kids, which was just too fitting with bin Laden’s polygamous life.

The strange finding was made by national security analyst and former CNN producer Peter Bergen, in his book, The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden.

When the agency showed what they found to president Barack Obama back then, he knew they were on to something big and ordered the navy to start planning the mission that would ultimately take out the 54-year-old terrorist leader.

Previously, around the time of the 9/11 attacks, bin Laden was living in Afghanistan with his three wives.

One of his wives, Amal el-Sadah, a 17-year-old Yemeni, has said the following about her former husband:

“He drank Avena, a syrup made from oats that claims to have Viagra-like effects, and he ate copious amounts of olives, which he believed produced similar results,” writes Bergen. “He also regularly applied Just for Men dye to his beard.”

Right after the September 11 attacks, bin Laden’s extended family went into hiding with bin Laden moving to the mountains in Afghanistan. 

Bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan, with a high wall surrounding it. Image: Reuters


In 2004, bin Laden gave his bodyguard orders to buy a piece of land, hire an architect, and construct a fortress large enough to house the family he hoped to reunite in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Ibrahim completed the task and put the $50,000 house in his own name. Most of the family moved in the following year.

The revelation comes after former president George W Bush called Joe Biden’s decision to US tropps from Afghanistan a “mistake” and said he feared for the safety of the women left behind.

Bush said:

“They’re just going to be left behind to be slaughtered by these very brutal people, and it breaks my heart.”

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