Oregon teacher flips out at anti-mask protestors, shouting ‘I’m a f***ing teacher!’ while waving middle fingers in a viral video

“I’m a f***ing teacher! B**ch, kill yourself!” An Oregon woman lashed out at anti-lockdown protestors. 

  • A woman, who claimed to be a teacher, completely lost it at an anti-mask protest in Bend, Oregon. 
  • Trying to outshot the crowd, she screamed: “F**k you! I am a f***ing teacher!”
  • This incident is only one of many throughout the anti-mask and anti-lockdown demonstrations in the state. 

The shocking incident happened in Bend, Oregon, the Post Millennial reports.


The woman, whose name is not revealed, pulled up to the protest, pulled down her mask, and suddenly started shouting at the demonstrators. Flipping her middle finger at the people around her, she screamed:

“B**ch, kill yourself! I’m a f***ing teacher! I work at school! F**k you! F**k you! I am a f***ing teacher! My students’ families are dying!”

Meanwhile, the protestors chanted “USA” at the teacher as she was trying hard to outshout the crowd.

As soon as she noticed her outburst was being recorded, she waved at the cameras. The woman even said: “Hi!” several times before eventually driving off.


In recent weeks, Oregon has been a place of massive anti-mask and anti-lockdown demonstrations. 

Some of the protesters even gathered in front of Gov. Kate Brown’s house.

As per NY Daily News, on November 30, in Bend, where the teacher flipped out, police were called on the demonstrators. Reportedly, the crowd insisted that their human rights are “more essential” than the governor’s orders.

According to Brown’s orders, anyone who is outside their home and cannot practice social distance must wear a mask. Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said a statement:

“My philosophy is content-neutral, meaning, it applies to people who gather for ‘liberal’ causes and to people who gather for ‘conservative’ causes. I encourage people to wear masks and maintain social distance so we can save lives, save businesses, and save parent’s sanity by getting kids back to school.”

Although Hummel claimed he would not file charges against the anti-lockdown supporters, he declared that if “the public gathers to exercise a constitutional right, it would create a conflict between the lawful mask law and the constitutional right that is being exercised.” The District Attorney added:

“How should such legal conflicts be resolved? As long as people who gather to exercise a constitutional right are not violent or destructive when doing so, I generally defer to protecting their constitutional rights over the enforcement of any statutory violations they may commit while exercising their rights.”

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