Oregon Man accidentally shoots himself while flaunting his gun at a grocery store

An Oregon man accidentally shot himself while showing off his handgun at a supermarket.

  • Oregon man, 29, self-inflicted a gunshot wound to his groin area while showing his handgun to a friend.
  • The incident occurred at a local supermarket. No one else was injured.
  • An ongoing police investigation revealed the man didn’t have a gun license. Social media users are heavily concerned about gun culture in the US.

As per PercoLately, a Lincoln City Police report states that the man “had sustained an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to his groin area and leg”.

The man who unintentionally shot himself at McKay’s Market was identified as Nicholas J. Ellingford, 29, a Lincoln City resident.

Sgt. Jeffrey Winn, who submitted the report on September 20, stated that Ellingford accidentally fired the gun as he was placing it back in his waistband. Police investigation revealed that the 29-year-old was inside the supermarket when he “un-holstered a Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol from his waist band”. He intended to show his hun to a friend when he mistakenly pulled the trigger.

Sharing details of the incident, Sgt. Winn adds:

“The bullet entered into Ellingford’s groin area before exiting out the lower thigh of his leg, narrowly missing his femoral artery.”

As soon as police arrived at the scene, Ellingford was taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

While no one else was injured, there is an ongoing criminal investigation. 

The report claims that the Oregon man “did not have a concealed handgun license”. Showing off his illegal gun was considered “reckless” as it put several people in the grocery store in danger.

Since the story became viral, social media users started questioning the man’s political views and shared concerns about his reproductive possibilities.

Others felt the incident was illustrating severe problems with gun culture in the United States.

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