Only unhappy people are mean and want to hurt others

The sad truth is that people who intentionally hurt others’ feelings don’t know what happiness feels like.

They have lost their sense of appreciating life and their only goal is to make others as unhappy as they are.

By destroying someone else’s self-esteem, deep down, they hope they would regain their own. Unfortunately, this never happens, so they continue to shatter other people’s realities just to kill time.

Anyone with such a broken mindset can’t stand seeing others enjoying their lives.

This isn’t because they have evilness in their soul. It’s because they can’t even remember what being happy feels like, so they get envy that someone else gets to experience it. 

In most cases, the ones who are willing to crush someone’s dreams just for fun have zero empathy. They have forgotten what it’s like to be compassionate and to consider someone else’s feelings. Their bitter souls are soaked with sadness and hopelessness. So, instead of being glad that someone in their circle is on their way to accomplish their goals, these poor beings are filled with hatred and jealousy. 

Frankly, it’s nearly impossible for such a damaged person to control their emotions. It feels like their bodies have contained black magic they cannot handle. They hold on to a pain they have experienced in the past, and their weak minds allow that pain to take over. Instead of trying to heal, they hold grudges and hate for things that no longer have the power to affect their life. Unfortunately, while on this journey to complete self-destruction, they turn people who actually worry about them into collateral damage. 

Only unhappy people want to see you fail.

The ones who have mastered the art of appreciating life in all of its forms and have accepted themselves the way they are will never make someone feel miserable. Those who know how challenging the road to happiness might be will never want to see someone else struggling. They would help you, guide you, show you how they have reached that level of self-awareness, but they will never stop you or intentionally make you feel bad about yourself. 

The sad souls who just wanna watch others suffocate have lost their sense of goodness. The minute someone broke their hearts or crushed their spirits in the past, they forgot the real meaning of all these hard lessons life gives us. Instead of learning from their experience, they chose the easy way and started blaming everyone else for their personal drama. They got angry at every single person who hasn’t experienced pain the way they did. They became furious with everyone who seemed like they’re winning in life. Acting tough and bringing others down became the mask they cover their insecurities with. And one terrible thought kills them inside: “If I hurt them first, they wouldn’t be able to hurt me.”

So, if you ever cross paths with such a wounded soul, don’t take their attempts to hurt you personally. There is always something much deeper hidden behind their tough masks. You could try to understand their behavior or simply ignore it, but never forget that it’s not your fault. 

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