The loving family of this one-eyed cat discovered that he has a new secret friend who visits him every day

A one-eyed cat named Ace has found a new friend in a boy who is stopping by at his owner’s house just to play with him.

Ace’s family was pleasantly surprised when they checked their security cameras which caught the beautiful encounter.

Ace and his furry brother, Ramsey, came to their loving home as kittens. Norma Maikovich, who is a former US Army Veterinary Technician, learned about their heartbreaking condition from her husband.
Here is Ace’s Instagram page: Ace’s Instagram

“He said that they were special needs, but that he knew we’d be able to give them a loving home,” she told Love Meow.

The two babies’ mother was a stray cat and they were found in a dumpster.

While they lost their eyes due to the merciless life in the outdoors, Ace can still see just fine from his one eye. Ramsey, however, is partially blind. 

“They were always meant to be a pair, since Ace has his left eye and Ramsey has his right. Together they complete each other,” Norma continued. “The only time they are apart is when Ace is out exploring the front porch.”

Ace is an adventurous cat who is unafraid of the world and the driveway is his “kingdom.”

“He never strays further than that, and he’s happy and content with this,” Norma said.

But Ace can sometimes be misunderstood due to his small disability.

“People are often hesitant to greet him, but once they do, they quickly find out how sweet he is,” she adds.

After looking at the CCTV footage, the family noticed one particular boy who was coming to visit almost every day. And as soon as he comes, Ace rushes to him to be cuddled. He is so thrilled to see his pal that he turns to the side, asking for his belly to be rubbed.

And just in case the kind boy felt he had to be cautious in his visits, Maikovich has told him that he is always welcome.

“A friend of Ace’s is a friend of ours,” she told The Dodo. “Once we realized that they were fast friends, it made us really happy.” 

You can see the new besties play in the security video below.

What do you think about this beautiful friendship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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