Oklahoma science teacher, 22, charged with Rape of student after busted by police

Science teacher, 22, charged with rape after she had allegedly set up a tryst with a teenage student, 16. 

In November 2017, Hunter Day, a science teacher from Oklahoma, admitted to exchanging inappropriate messages with a student in her chemistry class at Yukon Public Schools, TIME reveals. Her confession comes after on Wednesday, police found the teacher in her home, surrounded by scented candles.

Credits: Canadian County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, the teenager and his science teacher had an arranged meeting at her home. The deputies, who were given the boy’s cellphone by his parents, texted Day, “I’m here.” As soon as she saw the message, she replied, “the doors [sic] unlocked as usual.”

As per News 9 Oklahoma, the boy’s phone contained evidence of the relationship, including explicit text messages and nude pictures. What is more, the then-22-year-old teacher allegedly sent another text reading that the boy should hurry up because her husband, the school’s football coach, would be home soon.

Canadian Country Sheriff Chris West stated:

“Inside the living room, sitting on floor with the lights turned off in the living room, with candles lit was Hunter Day.”

Furthermore, in 2019, Hunter Day received two 10-year prison sentences.

When authorities discovered Day in her home, on the day she was arrested, she was waiting for the 16-year-old wearing nothing but a t-shirt and workout shorts. As officers confronted her, she admitted to exchanging inappropriate pictures with the boy.

West said he was not surprised by the teacher’s behavior, adding that “predators come from all walks of life.” 

When the science teacher was taken into custody, she faced charges of facilitating sexual contact with a minor, second-degree rape, and possession of child pornography. As Yukon Progress reports, the former teacher was also forced to register as a sex offender.

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