Ohio cops called on black kids for playing outside join the game instead

Here’s some news that will definitely brighten up your day! Ohio cops called on a group of black kids playing outside ended up playing with them.

Тhe three officers were responding to a call from a neighbor complaining that five black children were playing in the street. The incident occurred in Shaker Heights, Ohio, TMZ reports. Ironically, it happened on Juneteenth, of all days.

However, instead of sending the kids home, the cops ended up playing with them. The endearing moment was captured on camera.

Image credits: TMZ

Wendy Brown, one of the children’s mothers, reportedly said the officers told her:

“I don’t know who would do it, but someone called police on the kids, they said they were playing in the street so we came by.”

The cops also shared they used to play in the streets when they were little, just like the kids they were called on.

When they saw the children playing and having fun, they couldn’t help it but join the game. Their inner children must’ve been so proud. The scene was heart-melting, as one of the young players tossed a spiral downfield as two of the cops batted for the ball.

Image credits: TMZ

The proud mother, who also recorded the heartening game, shared:

“We encourage them to go outside and just be kids, so they were just playing football out in the street like they do any other time.”

Not only the Ohio officers had a little fun while on duty, but they also displayed a great example of how such situations should be treated and how cops and communities should work as a team, not as enemies.

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