Off-duty cop stones defenseless wombat to death for a laugh

An Australian off-duty police officer has been captured on video stoning an innocent wombat to death – and celebrating it. 

The footage shows Senior Community Constable, Waylon Johncock, throwing large stones at the terrified animal, while another man is filming him from the driver’s seat.

“Get up close,” the driver says.

Dressed in blue shorts and a black cap, Johncock gives the camera a thumbs-up before showering the defenseless wombat with rocks.

The driver bursts into laughter as the animal tries to escape, while the cop continues to hurl large stones.

”Go on, you’ve got him, you’ve got him,” the driver says.

“Hit him, hit him, kill him.”

Johncock throws another rock which hits the wombat in the head and causes it to fall over.

He then raises his arms victoriously and smiles at the camera as the animal struggles to stay alive on the ground.

“You killed him!” the second man says.

“First bloke I’ve ever seen kill a wombat on foot, bro.”

Members of the public later sent the video to the Wombat Awareness Organisation.

“Healthy wombat stoned to death by off duty police officer,” the organisation wrote on their Facebook page.

“I am tired of reporting such cruelty for it to be ignored. If this gets your support, something may be done.

“Please share, this is not entertainment. This has to stop!”

Brigitte Stevens of W.A.O., told Seven the wombat did not die straight away and was left on the road to suffer.

She revealed that this terrible practice is common in the area, according to locals.

As of now, the video has been shared almost 800 times and has attracted 1400 comments from concerned people.

I am so shocked to see this, there are some seriously messed up people in this world but for this to be someone who has a responsibility to be a good role model in the community makes it even more shocking!” one person wrote.


“This is the most disgraceful, pitiful and the act of such a low life that I have ever seen. Wombats are the most beautiful creatures,” wrote another.

Johncock’s identity as a police officer was confirmed by Police Commissioner Grant Stevens.

“I find the actions portrayed in the footage to be totally abhorrent and unacceptable,” he said.

“I am aware of the community outrage regarding this matter. I want to reassure everybody that the actions in the video do not align with the values and behaviours I expect from my employees, nor does it align with community standards.

“Numerous employees of South Australia Police have also expressed to me that they, too, find the footage detestable and not consistent with their values.”

Being aware of the incident, South Australia Police told they are investigating the case.

“South Australia Police are aware of a social media video depicting an incident involving a man inflicting injuries upon a wombat,” a police spokesperson said.

“At this time SAPOL can confirm they are taking the situation very seriously and are closely examining the video.

“An inquiry is being undertaken into this matter to first formally identify the man; and then take appropriate action as required.”

What are your thoughts on this terrible act of cruelty? Let us know in the comment section. 

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