Nurse loses her mom, tells her dying husband she’s still alive so he can die in peace

“The virus keeps winning”: A nurse lost both her mother and her husband to coronavirus within days. 

  • An Oklahoma City ICU nurse lost her mother and her husband to coronavirus within three days from each other. 
  • Wishing for her partner to be at peace moments before passing away, she decided to spare him the news of her mother’s death. 
  • The grieving nurse is urging people to “stop being selfish” and follow the COVID-19 restrictions. 

Lizanne Jennings, an Oklahoma City ICU nurse, went through not one but two tragic losses within three days. On November 20, she had to say her last goodbyes to her mother, 78, who died of COVID-19. Only three days later, her husband Dennis passed away from the very same virus.


As Newsner reveals, Lizanne’s mother’s last words were: “I’m weary and I’m miserable. I can’t do this anymore.” 

Sadly, the grieving daughter had no time to mourn for her mother. Her husband was in the very same position only three days later. During his last moments, Dennis was breathing with the help of the machine he was hooked up to, as The New York Times reports. Thankfully, his beloved wife was right by his side. But she had a heart-tearing task to fulfill.

Since Lizanne was aware that her husband would not be able to survive in the battle with coronavirus, she wanted to help him be at peace before he takes his last breath. Therefore, she decided not to let him know that her mother had died, as she didn’t want him to be upset that she is going to be alone while grieving for him.

“You can finally be at peace.”

In a touching interview with CNN, the Oklahoma nurse admitted she told her husband that her mother was still alive to comfort him during his last moments. Recalling the devastating day of November 23, Lizanne said:

“I said, ‘OK. Mom’s fine. She’s back at the house. She’s going to stay with me.’ Because I knew he would keep fighting if I told him my mom had already died. And so they started giving him morphine and Ativan. I turned him over and I rubbed his back. I said, ‘I love you.’ He said, ‘I love you.’ And I said, ‘You’re going to go now, OK? You can finally be at peace.'”


Sharing about the deep grief she and her children are presently undergoing, she added:

“It’s just so raw. Sometimes I’m grieving for my husband and then I realize my mom’s gone. And I’m grieving for my mom. I just think… oh, I’m going to go tell Dennis but then Dennis is gone. So the two people that would have been so supportive… you know, they’re both gone.”

As a nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lizane knew that things would get worse, but she never expected the virus to strike her family.

Back in March, the ICU nurse warned her husband and the rest of her family to be extremely cautious. She told Dennis:

“I need you to pay attention. Look at me: People we know, people we love—our family, our friends—people are going to get this virus. And people we know are going to die.”


Although she was well aware of the seriousness of coronavirus, Lizanne had no idea it would strike both her mother and her husband within ways from each other. She was shocked to find out about Dennis’s severe condition, as he was a strong and healthy former bodybuilder. But his strength wasn’t enough to beat the deadly disease. The grieving daughter and wife shared:

“It doesn’t matter how strong you are… It happens no matter what. The virus keeps winning. I couldn’t save either one of them. If people don’t wear masks, they don’t want to wear a mask… This got brought into our home. My mom never left the house. My husband was so careful. Stop being selfish. Stop being selfish. That’s all.”

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