A good number of small homes to help homeless veterans in Georgia

A group of people from Brunswick, Georgia have set out on a mission to help veterans off the streets by building small homes for them. 

A part of G Street in the Brunswick district will be turned into a safe haven for elderly veterans.

The construction is situated across the street where local pastor and volunteer Peter Vivencio devotes his Thursday afternoons.

“I know we have a sizable homeless group of people here and a number of them are veterans and a number of them come to the Manna House,” Vivencio shared.

Nine-Line Foundation is teaming up with the Golden Isles Veterans Village to build a veterans’ village in Brunswick.

The place is a donation from the city.

“We need to get busy,” Vivencio said.

The wonderful property will soon be housing a good number of veterans.

It will have 34 to 40 small homes and a community center where people can gather.

About 50,000 veterans across the US are currently homeless, including people who Vivencio often meets at Manna House.

It is an unfortunate reality he wishes to change with a little transformation in the city.

“This is what we need to do, God’s called us to do this to help the least of us,” he added.

It all started thanks to the great plan of retired Air Force veteran and mayor of Brunswick, Cornell Harvey.

As per the Nine Line Foundation’s webpage, the materials are stored at its headquarters and were made by a group of Illinois high school kids.

The worth of donated materials has so far reached more than $180,000.

For more information on how to help homeless veterans, click HERE.

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