Notorious Thief Goes Into a Single Mother’s Kitchen to Cook, Eat and Attempt to Rape Her in Her Children’s Presence

Officers from Zone 2 Police Command in Lagos, Nigeria have arrested a 40-year-old suspect from Ondo State, who has a criminal record for robberies in Ikorodu. 

As per local reports, the man, who has no fixed address is known for stealing people’s phones and laptops in the area.

Police Public Relations Officer for Zone 2 Command, Onikan, DSP Hauwa Idris Adamu, said Tope’s last crime involved him praying on a woman at Ori-Okuta, Agric, Ikorodu, on March 29, 2020.

He said the following:

“He was unable to rob the woman of her mobile phone before she went into her compound but he somehow got to know that the woman lived alone with her two children.

He waited till later in the night , when he scaled the fence and entered the woman’s house through the kitchen. He hit the victim who pleaded for her life and that of her children and offered her gadgets for him to leave them alone .

Mr. Adamu added:

He threatened to wipe out the family if they raised an alarm . He proceeded to the kitchen to prepare a sumptuous meal , ate to his satisfaction and ordered the victim to prepare for romp.

The victim who preferred death than to be abused in front of her children , ran and jumped down from her one-storey apartment and called for help. Fortunately , the alarm attracted the neighbors and they were able to apprehend Tope.”

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