Nosy Woman Gets Head Stuck In Metal Gate For 5 Hours After Trying To Eavesdrop On Her Neighbor

It’s always best for everyone to mind their own business, but sometimes people just can’t help themselves.

Like this nosy woman who got her head stuck while trying to spy on her neighbor from next door.

The event took place in La Virginia, Columbia. It is believed that the lady had been trying to spy on her neighbor in order to find something she could gossip about with her friends.

Regrettably, she made the decision to push her head through the metal bars of the neighbor’s gate, and even though she was able to force her head through, she was unable to free herself from it.

A neighbor and a firefighter trying to contain their laughter at the situation

The nosy woman’s situation certainly caused some drama around the neighborhood. Even firefighters had to be called in to free her from the gate. Although the brigade tried their best to get her out of her embarrassing state, it took them as long as five hours to finally pull her head from the bars.

Let us hope that she learned her lesson and will abstain from poking her nose in other people’s business again!

Do you think karma deservedly punished this nosy woman?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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