Nostril Extensions Are The Hot New Thing, Apparently

The #nosehairextensions tag on Instagram is apparently blowing up with stories of people who have decided that long nostril hair is sexy, so they are actually putting eyelash extensions around their nostrils, apparently so as to be uber sexy.

This is an interesting trend, the visual-shock factor aside. We have long been obsessed with keeping nostril hair out of sight. We have nose hair trimmers -some even look like ray guns- along with scissors, razors and an assortment of other unsightly-hair-trimming objects. How did this trend evolve?

While it seems a lot of people, women especially, are doing it for the ‘gram, is it really as hot a trend as these IGers would like to think? One IG user, javiersototv, even touts it as the latest emerging beauty trend. Despite a few negative comments on her post, it got 114 likes, too.

Personally, I just want to know why. If you’re showing solidarity for something greater than a so-called trend, if you’re doing it to raise money for a non-profit organization or charity, I’m on board. The actual trend itself though? You couldn’t pay me enough to put any kind of extensions on my nose. Why it reared its head again in 2019 is little bit beyond me.

Really, how did visible nostril extensions become a thing?

Regardless of how it happened (most people credit Insta user @gret_chen_chen for it, as she posted the first photos of herself with nose hair extensions back in 2017), doctors aren’t crazy about this new trend. The Cleveland Clinic states that while real nostril hair has a purpose, like catching dust and germs so they don’t get to you, nose hair extensions are actually unhelpful, and can hinder the performance of your real nose hair. Because they require glue to be applied properly, when the glue is removed, it my also remove some of your real nostril hair (ouch!!), which you need for the purposes listed above.

Maybe this trend should just be left to die and we can all move on to something better, after all. Or perhaps it should be spread more broadly, used by more people. Maybe it could become a signature for a new civil rights movement, or equal pay, or…just about anything other than what it actually is. When social movements evolve they can sometimes take different forms, change radically from where they began. Almost anything can happen.

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