NO PLANTS ARE SAFE: 20 hilarious photos of vegan hunters

It’s officially Vegan Hunting season!

Who said hunting is only for carnivores and omnivores? Well, these vegans prove they can hunt too. With a good dose of humor and a veggie vision, vegan hunters proudly display their prey.

Here are 20 hilarious photos of vegan hunters posing with their freshly captured goods.

1. No animals were harmed for the use of firearms & camo.

Image credits: gypseafab

2. Pumpkin hunting season.

Image credits: luke.dahl

3. Apparently vegan hunting is now a thing …

Image credits: SonyKapoor

4. Matt had a great day hunting… Bagged this big bad boy! 🍉

Image credits: cgburt

5. Vegan hunter 🔪

Image credits: adelinacimochowicz

6. I want to find more asparagus.

Image credits: mywildgardendream

7. Today I was vegan Predator. If you want to eat you got to work for it.

Image credits: peplineck

8. Another brace of tasty rhubarb – they’re biting like crazy now!

Image credits: harvest_huntress

9. When a vegan goes hunting✌🥕

Image credits: veganvikki1988

10. A great morning hunting out in the fields.

Image credits: dirtyhoefarms

11. Vegan hunters be like…

Image credits: 9GAG

12. The eyes of a real hunter.

Image credits: veggietrading

13. Vegan hunting and the real dangers of a plant-based diet 😉 🌿

mage credits: charlotteskramer

14. Yesterday’s hunt! 🐒🍌😁

Image credits: modern_life_tarzan

15. Stumbled upon dinner while out for a ride!

Image credits: bigfancy451

16. Box of young slippery jacks.

Image credits: kieltys_irish_sauces

17. Hunted this baby down at the grocery store 😂

Image credits: mrs.muschalle

18. The hunt was good it put up a fight but we got it! Time to gut this beast!

Image credits: olivertattoo

19. Fearless vegan hunter and his hunting dog.

Image credits: intuitiveshana



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