Ninja attacks U.S. special operations troops base wielding a sword

U.S. troops were attacked in the middle of the night by a sword-wielding ninja.

On September 18, around 1:00 am, in the California desert, U.S. special operations troops were allegedly attacked by a man “wearing full ninja garb.”

As per Unlad, at least two people were reportedly injured. The incident took place at Inyokern Airport, near Los Angeles, NPR reveals.

According to a report that went viral on Instagram, a staff sergeant was approached by a ninja, who asked him: “Do you know who I am?” and “Do you know where my family is?” 

Unfortunately, the sergeant had no clue who the man was or what had happened to his loved ones.

The ninja then “began to slash” at him and managed to injure his leg. 

Following the strange encounter, the sergeant ran and joined the rest of the crew in an administration building. However, the ninja continued attempting to break in, throwing a “large block of asphalt” through a window, which hit a captain in the head.

Pictured: The sword used in an assault by a man dressed as a ninja. | Credits: Kern County Sheriff’s Office

The suspect was later located on a nearby road. After he refused to follow police commands, he “brandished the sword at deputies,” so they tased him in order to restrain him.

Officers identified the ninja as Gino Rivera, 35. He was arrested for “attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon, brandishing a weapon with the intent to resist or prevent an arrest.”

The injured sergeant and the captain required stitches for their wounds but were cleared to return to duty.

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