Newborn Girl Abandoned Beside Garbage Can By Her Own Father

A newborn girl has been found beside a garbage bin in China, reportedly left there by her own dad, after the parents decided they did not want the child. 

Reports say that the umbilical cord was still attached when the baby was found next to the street bin on July 30.

Chinese media outlet, The Paper, said the baby was left behind the day before at Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

Her parents, Zhang and Li, have since been arrested over their actions. 

The newborn is reportedly well and healthy and is being taken care of by the Dongguan Social Welfare Centre.

Authorities released a statement on Chinese social media platform WeChat that revealed more details on the investigation.

A CCTV image of the father recorded moments before he abandoned his baby. Image credit: Quaotou Police/WeChat

The police waited for the parents outside their home and when they came back from work arrested them.

“It was found that at 1am on July 29, 2020, Li (female, 21 years old) gave birth to a baby in a rental house… and discussed with her husband Zhang (24 years old),” police wrote in the statement.

“Later, the two decided not to have children, so Zhang took (the baby) to a trash can in Dazhou Community and abandoned (it).”

Image source: The Paper

After being spoken to by police, the parents confessed to the crime of abandoning their child.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the dad had been arrested on suspicion of abandonment and the mom was released on bail, awaiting trial.

Chinese authorities said in their statement that there is never a reason to leave a newborn behind.

“Parents who give birth to children should fulfil the legal obligation to support,” police said.

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