New wave of COVID-19 may strike China as Wuhan sees first cases since lockdown was lifted

China may be facing another outbreak, as the government has imposed a partial lockdown on some northeastern regions.

Concerns of a second coronavirus wave in China have been raised after new COVID-19 cases were detected, including in the original epicenter of the virus, Wuhan.

Recently, fifteen new coronavirus cases have been revealed in China’s northeastern Jilin province, as Arirang News reports. In the city of Shulan, the Jilin government has enforced a new lockdown regime. Currently, only the most essential services can function as usual, while all the residents are instructed to remain inside. The only people who are allowed to leave their homes are medical and essential workers.

Moreover, only one family member is permitted to go shopping for necessities. As for public transportation, all bus and train services in Shulan have been halted. Besides, taxis driving in and out of the city are also prohibited until the beginning of June.

The government has imposed these strict measures as the virus in the city of Shulan has already spread to the nearby Liaoning province.

Another distressing information has been released: Wuhan, the city believed to be COVID-19’s origin, has been put under lockdown again.

This comes as six new cases were recently reported, after a month of no cases being announced. The new locally transmitted cases were found in people already under quarantine who were asymptomatic before testing positive.

Presently, in Wuhan, quarantine medical officials have been conducting nucleic acid tests to trace the source of the new coronavirus cases.

In the meantime, the Chinese government is concerned the possibility of another outbreak may lead to the delay of ‘Two Sessions’. This is considered to be the country’s largest political event of the year, representing a meeting of legislative delegates and political advisers.

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