Something New From TESLA For All Dog Owners

Good news for all dog lovers who are reading this! And to everybody’s surprise, this time it’s not a charity organization that protects animals’ rights. Not at all.

We’re talking about the latest innovation of TESLA called Dog Mode.

It was initiated by a man who asked on Twitter if it’s possible to include such a thing in the cars. The answer was “yes” and here it is.

The Dog Mode could be installed on TESLA vehicles with software update. If you activate the Dog Mode the screen will show the temperature, and the sentence:

My owner will be back soon.

So in case, you leave your fluffy friend for a short time alone in the car it will inform the passers-by the dog’s OK. And the best part’s it can keep the air conditioning on. The dog mode will stay on after you’re out of the car. In case your battery life drops below 20% you’ll be notified via a mobile application.

TESLA has many more innovations to present.

They are adding a holiday app, Atari video games, a whoopee cushion icon, and a drawing board. And romance mode. It includes features like a crackling fireplace, sensual music, and blasting heaters. And will allow you to have the intimate atmosphere a couple could dream of.

Sentry Mode stops break-ins and thefts. It operates by scanning the environment around if the car’s not used. To do that it has external cameras. When you set this mode it enters a standby state and the cameras begin scanning the surrounding of the car for threats.

As you can see the future of TESLA is focused on innovations and there will be much more to see in the years to come.

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