Never forget to show how much you love and appreciate the ones who raised you

Our parents, and all the people who were there for us while we were growing up, deserve our admiration and heartfelt gratitude.

As we get older, we come to the realization that our parents grow older too. Doesn’t it feel strange to think that the people who raised you are also changing at the same speed as you?

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother.”

– Abraham Lincoln

When we’re still children, we see our parents as real-life superheroes. We never even think about how they would change when we grow older and become young adults.

We see their wide smiles, we hear their loud laughter, and we feel their unconditional love for us.

But what we don’t see is that every single day slightly changes them, just like it changes us.

Maybe we’ve noticed how other adults handle the tests of time, but we never really believe this would happen to our parents too. We never expected to see our beautiful mothers with wrinkles on their faces. We never even thought our fathers’ hairs would turn grey. And one day, we look at them and realize how time has treated their bodies, their smiles, and their souls. We realize that, while they were raising us to become mature and purposeful human beings, they were on their growing journey too, emotionally and physically.

That’s why we need to treat the people who raised us with respect, love, appreciation, and acknowledgment.

The people who did such an amazing job looking after us deserve to know how much they mean to us. After all, they are the people who were there for us every step of the way. They are the ones who have neglected their own wellbeing numerous times, to prioritize ours.

Because of our parents, we are these intelligent, self-aware, capable adults we are today. And we need to make sure all of the efforts they put in raising us were worth it. We need to show them that we are genuinely grateful for everything they did for us. Meanwhile, we should always keep in touch with them and make time for them, no matter how busy our lives might get.

We might not fully realize this, but the rough reality is that none of us is going to last forever. But our love can.

Because the love our parents have for us is unconditional, timeless, and priceless. And now it’s our turn to show them how much we cherish and respect them. Sadly, they aren’t going to be around us forever, so we need to make the most of the time we have together.

So, call your parents when you have a minute to spare. Tell them you love and appreciate them. You have no idea how much this call would mean for them. What’s more, reaching out to them will not only make them extremely happy, but it would also be good for your soul. Besides, it would strengthen the connection you have with them.

There is nothing more precious in this world than spending time with the people you love and making them happy.

So, whenever you have time to call or visit your parents, do it. This will put a wide smile on their faces and will soothe your soul.

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