Mum rushes baby to hospital thinking he has a hole in his mouth only to realize she needs glasses

Essex, United Kingdom: A mother got the biggest scare of her life when she saw, what seemed like, a hole on the inside of her baby’s mouth.

Proud mom, Becky Stiles was changing her 10-month-old baby boy, Harvey’s, diaper when she noticed a dark circle inside his mouth.

Needless to say, she immediately started panicking and brought him to the hospital, where she was left utterly embarrassed by what happened next.

The poor woman was shaking and about to start crying when she first saw what appeared to be a black spot in Harvey’s mouth. And when she tried to touch it, the baby would scream and wouldn’t let her.

In an interview, Becky said:

“So I made his dad rush over and see it. We put a torch on it and his dad said, ‘What the hell is that?”

The parents then decided to call emergency services to check what was wrong with Harvey.

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As they waited on the phone with the NHS, Becky’s father asked her to take Harvey to the emergency room right away.

“So we dropped the two oldest kids off to their grandparents and made the 30-minute drive to our closest A&E hospital,” she said.

Becky had called and told the whole family, about what she thought was a critical situation. And when she arrived at the hospital, reception immediately started the process of trying to refer her to a specialist. In the meantime, a nurse decided to inspect the baby’s mouth by using a pen torch.

“After about 30 seconds of looking, she said ‘That’s a sticker.’ Me being an idiot told her, ‘No look that’s a hole,’” she recalled. “She put her finger in his mouth and hooked it out. I laughed, was shaking and so embarrassed.”

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Thankfully, there was nothing wrong with the baby, but Becky was shocked by her mistake.

“I told her I felt like a right p**t, and that if Covid wasn’t a thing, I would hug her,” she said. “She replied with, ‘Well I’ve never fixed a cleft palate at A&E doors before.'”

The hospital workers found the whole situation hilarious and even little Harvey had a good laugh.

“We all carried on laughing as we made the walk of shame back to the car,” Becky said.

And now she had another difficult situation on her hands. To explain herself to the whole family, who were also worried out of their minds.

“In the car, I had to swallow my pride even more AND make all the phone calls again to let everyone know Harvey didn’t in fact have a hole in his mouth,” she said. “He had taken a liking to stickers…”

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