Mother’s reaction to daughter’s pregnancy reveal has viewers utterly baffled

This mother’s reaction to finding out her daughter was pregnant confuses everyone.

Social media users are baffled at a mother’s apathetic reaction to learning than she was about to become a grandma.

A TikTok video shows the touching moment a daughter tells her parents she was going to have a baby. But from endearing, the clip quickly turns confusing because of the mother’s cold response.

Credits: TikTok

The daughter decided to surprise her parents with the news. She gave them a scratch card, revealing a message saying: “You’re going to be a nanny and grandad again.” 

However, her surprise was not as exciting as she expected, at least for her mother. While her father gets seemingly moved and happy that he was going to be a granddad, her mom appears to be quite good at hiding her enthusiasm.

Even when the full message gets revealed and her husband tells her “Our daughter’s having a baby” with a big smile on his face, the mom keeps the same indifferent expression.

Moreover, when her husband asks her: “[Are] you happy?” she bluntly replies: “No.” 


Side note, they live in Thailand. My mum acts like im still a teenager 🤣 #PerfectMarcJacobs #pregnancyannouncement #CruelSummerConfessions #fyp

♬ original sound – Jackkie Chann

TikTok users were quick to jump into the comment section, with one asking: “Why is your mum so apathetic?”

Another noted: “I’m sure when the baby is here she’ll be doting on him/her.”

Fortunately, the woman who posted the TikTok video was not upset by her mother’s reaction. She actually explained in the comments that her parents are currently stuck in lockdown in Thailand, unable to see their grandchildren. She said:

“They’re in lockdown atm in Thailand so they can’t come over and she gets upset about it because she can’t see her grandson.”

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